Monday, January 16, 2012

Mavala Nail Polish Remover Review

A good nail polish remover is a nailpolishaholic's best friend!
My friend recommended this brand to me a couple of years ago 
and I've been using it ever since! XD


There are 2 types of Mavala Nail Polish...
The pink bottle is without acetone while the other is with acetone!
Obviously I like the blue one better since it removes the nail polish more easily!

I would rate this nail polish remover...
The minus 1 is because it doesn't really remove glitter that well but
not many removers can...when I find that one that CAN then I'll rate it

Actually I ran out of mavala a while ago and when I went to restock...
The horror started! D8
All the stores that I went to were OUT OF STOCK! =(

In the end, I got a couple of bottles during my Singapore trip! XD
It was slightly more expensive but so worth it! 

Phewww! Look out for the next review! ^^


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