Thursday, January 5, 2012

MAVALA Cuticle Cream

As you know, I have been having dry cuticle issues ><"
All the good cuticle creams are really expensive...
I was about to buy Sally Hansen's cuticle oil then I saw 
MAVALA's cuticle cream!
MAVALA's acetone nail polish remover is really good so 
I thought I'd give the cuticle cream a try =)

So this is how it looks like...small...but who'd use so much cuticle cream!

When I saw 'CREAM'...I was expecting something white and creamy like hand cream
but inside is actually a yellowish ointment looking substance...
I guess it's called cream because it's too thick to be considered as oil...
It feels uber oily smells bad too T___T
I can't stand putting my hands near my face now since it smells bad TT____TT

It's had it's desired effects so far...

If you compare it to the photo BEFORE I applied the cuticle cream...

You can still see the dry parts...=(

I'll have a follow up post soon to share the usefulness of the cuticle cream...
but I wouldn't buy it again just because of the awful smell it has...=(


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