Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Essie Winter Mini Collection 2010

Hey peeps!! ^^
As promised! Here are the swatches for the 
Essie Winter Mini Collection 2010 polishes!!

Front View

Side View

Top View

From left: SIlken Cord, Masquerade Belle, Hot Coco, Going Incognito


First up comes Silken Cord! 
When I first saw the bottle I thought it would be a deep striking red BUT
when I applied turned out to be more of a cherry sort of red! 

The polish is a little darker IRL (in real life)...
In the photo is looks red but with a tint of orange in it! ^^
But it really is a more cherry shade IRL! XD

Next up is Masquerade Belle!
This polish a dark maroon polish! 

This is an absolutely beautiful colour! 
Reminds me of a really ripe cherry! ^^

Hot Coco is a normal taupe polish!

The polish is lighter IRL...
(I'm not sure what else to write since I'm still new at polish reviews...)

The last polish in the Essie Winter Mini Collection 2010 is
Going Incognito!
This is a dark green polish. 
Actually the whole reason I bought the collection was for this polish! 
I had hoped to use this in my Christmas manis but since it wouldn't arrive in time I opted for Sally Hansen's Emerald Green which is a more shimmer type of dark green polish.

You gotta love this polish! ^^

That's the end of the review!! XD
After purchasing the mini set I don't think 
I want to get the normal sized bottles anymore! =P
This is more worth the money but not all the shades 
that I want would be a mini so it really does depend! ^^

More to come! So stay tuned!


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