Sunday, February 12, 2012

Anime Hijacked Valentines Mani


Sorry! Was laughing at the title! XD
I'm actually blogging this for the second time cause for SOME didn't save the first time I blogged...=(

Anywayz...I was watching this anime called 'Clannad' and I saw...


Everytime I saw this during the anime I had this urge to paint it on my nails! ><
So...I added a few heart and VOILA!
An Anime Hijacked Valentines Mani is born!! XD


I quite like this design! =)
I used my new stripping brushes for this mani and stripping is soooo much easier now! Especially when I'm painting my right hand! 
Oh! Another thing! I'm into rhinestones, studs and all that jazz at the moment!
Gonna stock up so I can experiment on placing and stuff liddat! 

If you guys don't know yet, I started a special post called
'Nail Biters Corner'
I'm gonna be blogging on my experiences before and after I got over biting my nails and I hope to share others experiences too! Pretty excited about it!! ^^

That's it for now!!

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