Thursday, February 16, 2012

French Apples

So apple manis have been on my 'To-Do List' for quite some time now...
I was actually planning on doing a french hello kitty mani but...
My alpine snow is like 1/4 of the bottle and it's all goopy...
I already ordered a new bottle but it didn't make the latest shipment so I gotta wait ANOTHER MONTH!! T____T 
A nail polish addict should always have white polish at hand! ><
So...I chose to do a mani that doesn't have that much white in it! =)

I actually found the inspiration from this korean nail blogger...her designs are AWESOME!!

After google-ing somemore I found another apple nail art design by 'chelle from

After finding her blog...I am IN LOVE! Her designs are AWESOME!!! XD

I guess not having white polish came in handy 
since I found a really cool nail blogger! =D
I hope you like this mani cause I'm thinking of doing more fruit manis!! 


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