Saturday, February 25, 2012

OPI Shimmers

Hey All!!
So here are some of the swatches from Nail Polish Spree 03!!
I actually ordered these for my friend...


I forgot to take photos of the individual bottles ><
I'll be swatching the first and fourth polishes!!
OPI Pink Before You Leap & OPI Animal-istic

OPI Animal-istic

This polish is orange red based shimmer polish. I'm not really one for shimmers and sad to say that this polish didn't make it on my favorite list...=( 
If it were just a red shimmer polish I might like it more but this has a strong orange feel to it and the shimmer doesn't stand out...=(

OPI Pink Before You Leap

This is a sheer peachy pink shimmer polish. I like this more than Animal-istic but shimmer seriously isn't my cup of tea =( I think this polish would be best layered on top of a more opaque colour. The swatch is 3 layers and you can still see my nail =( I tried matching it with some of my polishes but nothing looked nice hence no layered mani pics =( but I love the shimmer =)

I'll be posting the rest soon so sit tight! =)


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