Tuesday, February 28, 2012

To Nude: ILY

From: Black

I was trying to be creative with the title and intro....you didn't get it did you! =P

Translation = I really think nude colours and black polish should just get married cause they compliment each other so well!! XD

So...I decided to try out a tape mani as well as needle dragging with these 2 colours! =)

It looks really messy eh! >< but that's how I started off =S

I used the giant rhinestones my bro gave me but I don't think they are suited for nails >< I had to do some patch work after I took the tape off since I had to paint a couple of layers of the nude polish to make it opaque but it came pretty well don't you think so! ^^ I wished I had made the lines evener tho =P

So this is my right hand and as you can see I decided to try needle dragging out! I think the only kinda successful one that came out is the pointer finger... Probably because I used 2 different brands of black polish and I used an orange stick instead of a needle to do it! XP

I'm quite happy with the final results!! 
I tend to paint both my hands nowadays! ^^
Feeling super proud of myself at the moment! =P

That's it for this post and I'll have good news to share with you guys soon!! 

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