Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nail Biters Corner #01

Ello everyone! 
So! I've decided to start on 'Nail Biters Corner'!
I've been thinking about this for some time now and I want to share my experiences about before and after my habit of nail biting so...
here's the first post!

For those who haven't read my first post...I WAS a nail biter! =(
I started when I was really young and only stopped a couple of years ago.

How did I stop?
It was thanks to these two amazing gals named Jade & Xin Yi!
They introduced me into the world of nail polish and nail art!
After seeing them change designs so often...I was inspired to do so as well!

After that I stopped biting my nails...another problem cropped up...=(
Since I didn't bite my nails anymore I went on to peeling them...
Whenever there was a nic in my nail I would feel so annoyed and start peeling it off...
At that time I also had the habit of scraping the side of my index nails...
It was especially bad when I'm stressed out...I don't have a photo but my index nail was crooked because of the daily scraping...=(

As you can see now that my nails have gotten better! 
All thanks to nail art again! 
Cause when I have a really nice design on I tend to NOT want to ruin it =P
but whenever I don't like the design...I would sometimes peeling the polish off! ><
Better than peeling my nails I guess =P
After using OPI Nail Envy for Soft and Thin nails...
my nails have gotten stronger and peel less now but...

I got a nic in my nail yesterday...and I was in the middle of a GLEE marathon!!
I didn't want to pause the show so I ended up peeling my nail off after more 
than a year of NOT peeling them! T____T
Now my nails are short...too short that I'm not used to it anymore since
I've had long nails for some time now....*sobs*

That's it for the first post of 
-Nail Biters Corner-

Welcome back for more nail biting/peeling/scraping thoughts!
I would be more than happy if you guys would share your experiences with me!! 
Do drop me a line at


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