Monday, February 27, 2012

GLEE Inspired

Hey GLEE lovers!!
So...I recently watched GLEE!! 
It was the BEST episode so far!!

It was all about not giving in to bullying and peer pressure and suicide is never the answer to ones problem! The song!! Super inspirational!! 
So this mani is inspired by their regional outfits! =)


Red, Gold, Black and Silver...

I am proud to say that I am a really big 
GLEE to me is a very inspirational show that combines the happenings of high school, society and music! =) I have cried, laughed and shown so many different kinds of expressions while watching GLEE and I can say that I DO relate to the characters in GLEE! =)

Now...I can say that...
in a very good way! 

Sorry to bomb you guys with this emotional stuff but I just had to share it since it is sort of a turning point in my life and I'm glad that it finally came! =)

Here's a song to commemorate this joyous mani!
Glad You Came by The Warblers!!


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