Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Comic strips OR Mickey Mouse?

Here I am again! XD
So I got out of my lazy streak a couple of days ago and did something simple...

I actually did random dots until I decided on this design...=S
So obviously the POW! on my thumb nail kinda makes it a comic strip design 
but the mickey shape that I TRIED to draw on my pointer makes it a MM design...

I wanted to paint comic strip nails but I ran out of white polish =( 
My new Alpine Snow will only arrive in late Feb T___T
On another note, while I was dotting my nails I was thinking...
"How the hell do people dot so perfectly??!!"
Mine looks like crap ><
All the dots are not perfect circles...and the sizes differ...
I guess practice makes perfect eh?

If you have a trick that I could use to paint better dots! Do tell me! XD

So this is it for now! Let's see what I can do with my other colours since white is out!
Come to think of it!
Valentines is nearing! Shall see what I can whip up! XD


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