Thursday, February 9, 2012

Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat Review

Hey Nail Polish Lover! <3

So this is kinda overdue but here it is!!
Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat is one of the fast drying top coats on my hunt for the best fast drying top coat! I've got 2 more on the way for testing but here's what I think of Revlon's.

-I shall be comparing this polish against the current champion in my books:- 
Seche Vite-

The drying time is slower than Seche Vites which I think contradicts the whole "FAST" drying top coat bit! >< The shine when applied is the same as Seche Vite which is FABULOUS as all the other reviews have mentioned. In my opinion, Revlon should only be used for single colours and thin coats because it smudges the polish which has made me re-do a lot of my designs so far and it does not dry all the way through fast enough unlike Seche Vite. 

From what I've done so far, I would paint a layer of Revlon on my base colour before painting my design and only paint Seche Vite after I'm done! It's worked spectacularly and it reduced chipping! =) My manis last much longer from when I was only using Seche Vite. 

However, Seche Vite's main weakness is still at gets ultra gooey after a while usually when you've used up half the far I have not seen this in Revlon which is a good sign.

Seche Vite weakness: Polish gets gooey after a period of time
Revlon weakness: smudges polish, does not dry fast enough 

I shall keep everyone updated on the best fast drying top coat search!
For now...


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