Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nail Biters Corner #03

Ello All!!
So this is the THIRD 'Nail Biters Corner' post!! 

I don't know if this applies to all nail biters but since I started biting my nails from a young age... my nails are uber thin now...
probably cause it didn't really get to grow properly for a long time. 
Some nail bloggers encourage filing the whole nail to remove dirt and leftover polish and natural oils rite but I don't do that...
not that I DON'T...I actually CAN'T file my nails... 

The last time I filed my nail was when I got caught by this guy in a shopping mall trying to sell his homemade cuticle oil...he also wanted to sell me this mani pedi set so he just grabbed my hand and started filing my nail...=.=...WORST MISTAKE EVER!! A week later that nail he filed... BROKE!! really deep at that...all the non-filed nails were fine... 
that's how thin my nails are! ><

This was taken with my phone so please excuse the bad quality ><
It broke really deep in a you can see...='(

I haven't found anything to make my nails thicker and I'm not sure there is such a thing but I found the second best thing!

OPI Nail Envy! 
I heard of Nail Envy from a friend when I started doing nail art and at the time my nails were not only thin but peeling too >< My thumbs were always the worst! It would peel from the corners and get snagged on every little thing!! 

When I finally decided to get nail envy I honestly had to think really hard since I didn't know there were more than ONE type of nail envy till I checked the website...=S

The first nail envy I got was Maintenance Nail Envy. 
I chose this type because it was the latest one at the time and the description held some promise but it didn't really work out for me...=(
Of course I used up the whole bottle before getting a new one...
waste not want not ya know!

The next nail envy I got was Matte Nail Envy! 
The time that I ordered that type I still had a lot of hope for Maintenance Nail Envy and wanted my dad to use it and since it would be matte he wouldn't mind it so much but he didn't try it in the end. Matte Nail Envy had the same formula as Original Nail Envy with the only different that it dried matte...
well...not really XD

My third and current nail envy is Soft & Thin Nail Envy!
I just love this polish! Not only are my nails stronger now but they stopped peeling! My thumb nails are especially thankful! I guess you have to get the nail envy that's suited for your current nail situation! ^^

But...for an ex-nail biter when one problem is solved 
there is yet another problem to face..
I'll get to that in the next post of 'Nail Biters Corner'!


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