Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wedding not wedding inspired

Sorry for the long non-posts session but my photoshop was on the fritz ><
I couldn't watermark my photos =( 
It's fixed now! XD So back to blogging!!

I guess you're probably waiting for a wedding inspired nail design because of the title but did you read it carefully? It says NOT wedding inspired =P
OK! Enough with the shenanigans!!


So...what I meant by 'wedding not wedding inspired' was...


This was the door gift at my cousin's wedding =)
I put off doing this design for a month+ LOL 
I mixed a shimmer and glitter polish get that colour 
but I think it would have been nicer with gold khrome polish =S 
now you know why I want China Glaze 2030

I really love rhinestones right now!! ><
Anyone know where to buy or order studs from in Malaysia??

That's it for this post!!
Since my photoshop is up and running again the swatches
 from Nail Polish Spree 03 will be up soon!! ^^


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