Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Monochrome Nails

Elo elo all!! 
I have been missing for quite some time AGAIN...i know...
Haven't painted anything that's worth posting up lately...and you wouldn't want to c the same mani every post now do ya! XD

Well as the title would suggest, I have painted monochrome nails!
A lot of nail artists have been doing them on insta and so why not join them! 

In case you all didn't already know, I sell accessories on etsy.

One on my favorite charms is the infinity 8 charm and this is where the pattern comes from! =)

I really like this pattern! Might become one of my "no inspiration so whatever" manis =P

Anywayz! That's it for this post!

C ya all next time.


P/S: If you wanna check out my etsy shop, here's the link.


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