Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Monochrome Nails

Elo elo all!! 
I have been missing for quite some time AGAIN...i know...
Haven't painted anything that's worth posting up lately...and you wouldn't want to c the same mani every post now do ya! XD

Well as the title would suggest, I have painted monochrome nails!
A lot of nail artists have been doing them on insta and so why not join them! 

In case you all didn't already know, I sell accessories on etsy.

One on my favorite charms is the infinity 8 charm and this is where the pattern comes from! =)

I really like this pattern! Might become one of my "no inspiration so whatever" manis =P

Anywayz! That's it for this post!

C ya all next time.


P/S: If you wanna check out my etsy shop, here's the link.


Friday, May 17, 2013

3D Dots

Hello all!

Wonder when the last time blogged was? I thought I would mix it up a bit and put everything on the left! XD 

Anywayz, I saw this cool mani on @slacquerr on instagram and tried it out for myself! 

She called them 3D Dots so I shall just go with it! XD 

It looks nice yeah? Feel like experimenting with it a little.

Hopefully it turns out well! ^^

If any of you want to paint this, it's really simple!

1. Paint a base colour of your choice.

2. Use your dotting tool to make blacks dots.

3. Use the same size dotting tool to dot white onto the black dots at an angle, leaving a little of the black dot visible. (This creates a 3D effect)

4. Finally, top it off with a top coat of your choosing! (I like Seche Vite FYI) 

And that's how you do it! 

Hope you guys will have fun with this mani as I did! 


P/S: I really like how this post came out...I might stick to this format! XD 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Ironman 3

Hey all!! 
So I FINALLY watched Ironman 3!
Sometime last....Friday? 
Anyway...If you know me like I do, I paint my nails based on events.'s an event and here're my nails! XD

Ironman is hard to paint...=.=...
Not complex's IRONMAN!

I was too lazy to paint anything else but his face...
After painting the crosses, it kinda reminded me of X-Men...
Now what does this mean!!!

I'm just being usual.
I've got tons of assignments lately and blogging has been kinda urghhhh for me lately.
Even painting my nails is hard since nothing seems good enough and I end up wiping them off right after I paint them! >< 

I so need inspiration!!
Give me inspiration!
Pleaseeeeeeee with sprinkles and a cherry on top XD

Enough with the weird!
Catch you guys lataaaaaaa!