Monday, January 28, 2013

Catching my Breath for Valentines

You know...
I really wonder what you guys a.k.a my readers think about my oh so corny blog titles!?
Want to know the reason for todays cheesy title?
Well even if you don't, I'm still gonna tell you! XD

'Catching my Breath' is because I was listening to Kelly Clarkson's song at the time and the 'Valentines' is because I'm gonna show you a Valentines design! 

I know I know! 
I haven't been posting so often and more seldom than ever...
Sighhhhhh gonna be flying back to Aussie soon so I'm trying to fit in as much friend, family and boyfie time as I can...I'll probably be back to blogging regularly back in Aussie since I'm so free XD

Anywayz...this is my NOTD a.k.a Nails of the Day!

Yes! This is from my instagram! 
Do follow me at @chronosz if you have one! ^^

I painted this for a wedding and thought plain french would be boring thus added the hearts for a Valentine's day effect! 

I wonder when I'm gonna do a Chinese New Year's the year of the snake and me has no inspiration =S
Oh well!
I'm sure it'll come to me! XD


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