Friday, June 21, 2013

A hazy last summer

Elo Elo! 
So you all should know that nails are not super uber short but that's not going to stop me from painting my nails! Actually, I have to paint my nails to prevent them getting shorter D8

Anyway, I purposely got a set of mini nail polishes for the winter holiday that I am spending in Malaysia. This is because I left my big box of polishes back in Melbourne...too heavy to bring it home for a short period of time. LOL

Did you manage to guess the set of minis that I bought? 


Sorry about the bad photo quality but there's hardly any sunshine today because of the haze.

The set includes :-

Mojito Madness
Bikini so Teeny
Off The Shoulder
Fear or Desire

I managed to swatch 2 colours today. I shall show you guys the other two another day. This way it gives me more polish to use over the holiday! =)

First up is Mojito Madness!
This polish is a murky green although the colour in the photo is a bit off. 
One coat is enough to make it opaque but if you want a deeper green then you can paint 2 coats.
I used 2 coats in the photo. 

Next is Bikini So Teeny.
I actually thought that the set was all pastels but this polish proved me wrong. 
Bikini So Teeny is a Violet-Blue polish with a tinge of glitter. 
The colour in the photo is obviously what I have been describing but blame the bad weather >.< 
This polish is streaky when I applied it, most probably because of the glitter. 
This coat is opaque and smooth in 2 coats. 

Well, that's all for this post!

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