Friday, June 21, 2013

Nail Biters' Corner #4 - The friend comes for visits

Hey guys!
I haven't really been updating the Nail Biters' Corner but I haven't been updating at all recently cause of uni but here's something!

If you guys didn't already know, I study in Melbourne and whenever I fly back to Malaysia for holidays and vice nails just DIE! I usually do not paint my nails a few days before the flight and somehow my nails know that I will be getting on a plane soon and decide to send signals to my brain to start peeling them!! >< 

Don't get me wrong! I leave my nails naked all the time especially when I have no time to paint them a.k.a super hectic assignment times. It's only the times before the flights...weird rite?

This time, my super sweet boyfriend came for a visit and I flew back with him. I showed him around Melbourne and had no time to paint my nails so they had more time to send more weird nail peeling signals to my brain...TT...

Here they are yesterday.

The pointer finger nail started first...well my habit was to scrape the side closest to the thumb with my thumb nail. I guess I haven't really grown out of it huh. That just means I need more nail polish therapy! XD 

I've already cut the other nails down. Kinda sad that I had to do that but the uneven lengths were annoying and I kept cutting myself...=.=...

Goes to show that a bad habit is really hard to get rid off.
Once you give your friend a chance to visit, it WILL take that chance.

To all fellow nail biters, nail peelers, and formers...I wish you luck with getting rid of the habit! 


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