Friday, June 21, 2013

A hazy last summer

Elo Elo! 
So you all should know that nails are not super uber short but that's not going to stop me from painting my nails! Actually, I have to paint my nails to prevent them getting shorter D8

Anyway, I purposely got a set of mini nail polishes for the winter holiday that I am spending in Malaysia. This is because I left my big box of polishes back in Melbourne...too heavy to bring it home for a short period of time. LOL

Did you manage to guess the set of minis that I bought? 


Sorry about the bad photo quality but there's hardly any sunshine today because of the haze.

The set includes :-

Mojito Madness
Bikini so Teeny
Off The Shoulder
Fear or Desire

I managed to swatch 2 colours today. I shall show you guys the other two another day. This way it gives me more polish to use over the holiday! =)

First up is Mojito Madness!
This polish is a murky green although the colour in the photo is a bit off. 
One coat is enough to make it opaque but if you want a deeper green then you can paint 2 coats.
I used 2 coats in the photo. 

Next is Bikini So Teeny.
I actually thought that the set was all pastels but this polish proved me wrong. 
Bikini So Teeny is a Violet-Blue polish with a tinge of glitter. 
The colour in the photo is obviously what I have been describing but blame the bad weather >.< 
This polish is streaky when I applied it, most probably because of the glitter. 
This coat is opaque and smooth in 2 coats. 

Well, that's all for this post!

Nail Biters' Corner #4 - The friend comes for visits

Hey guys!
I haven't really been updating the Nail Biters' Corner but I haven't been updating at all recently cause of uni but here's something!

If you guys didn't already know, I study in Melbourne and whenever I fly back to Malaysia for holidays and vice nails just DIE! I usually do not paint my nails a few days before the flight and somehow my nails know that I will be getting on a plane soon and decide to send signals to my brain to start peeling them!! >< 

Don't get me wrong! I leave my nails naked all the time especially when I have no time to paint them a.k.a super hectic assignment times. It's only the times before the flights...weird rite?

This time, my super sweet boyfriend came for a visit and I flew back with him. I showed him around Melbourne and had no time to paint my nails so they had more time to send more weird nail peeling signals to my brain...TT...

Here they are yesterday.

The pointer finger nail started first...well my habit was to scrape the side closest to the thumb with my thumb nail. I guess I haven't really grown out of it huh. That just means I need more nail polish therapy! XD 

I've already cut the other nails down. Kinda sad that I had to do that but the uneven lengths were annoying and I kept cutting myself...=.=...

Goes to show that a bad habit is really hard to get rid off.
Once you give your friend a chance to visit, it WILL take that chance.

To all fellow nail biters, nail peelers, and formers...I wish you luck with getting rid of the habit! 


Friday, June 14, 2013


Could anyone guess what the post is about from the title only? 
Well if you couldn't guess then I'll just have to tell you now won't I!


(Photo credits to

Can't wait to see this movie! 
I love cartoons A LOT! 
I've been meaning to do this mani since the first movie but you know how lazy I am =P
Well since the second movie is coming out...MIGHT AS WELL!


Pssstttt! Did you notice the evil minion hiding in the crowd?
You did?! Hahahaha I seriously did not know about the evil minion till 2 days ago and thought I should paint it too! XD
It loves bananas as much as the next minion! ^^

That's it for this mani! 


Thursday, June 13, 2013


Elo all! 
As I said in my last post, I am gonna show you my NOTD which has already been removed 

If you couldn't guess the design it's....VITAGEN!!

You gotta love Vitagen! Taste so good! 

My friend gave me the idea...he also gave me another idea which I have not attempted yet but will when I can! 

The shape of the bottle got more distorted the more I drew...=( ...I totally need more practice...

That's it for this post!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

30 Day Ab Challenge

Hey nail art lovers! 
As I have said time and time again...
So the event in question this time is....


I'm not the type of person who exercises...but I really want to lose weight...I think a lot of people think like I do =(

The FULL story:

A lot of people on Facebook was sharing the 30 Day Ab Challenge timetable at the time.
So I got really excited saying that "I wanna do thissssssss"
Then this guy commented that a lot of girls he knew was sharing the same challenge and posted on his wall a few minute later, "So many people are sharing the Ab Challenge but I know they are not going to do it". (I'm writing from memory and not referring back to the actual posts) So I got kinda pissed and decided to actually finished the damn thing! And guess what?


So to commemorate this joyous event I painted this on my nails! 

I know that it's not much but I wanted to try some typography...
I'm really bad at looked pretty good when I was sketching it out on paper but when it comes to painting it with a brush...*sighhhhhh*

If any of you want to try out the challenge, here's the timetable!! XD

That's it for this post! 

P/S: Sorry about the long pause in the was coming to the end of the semester at the time and assignments were piling up. I have to admit, first time that I was so stressed. XD Well, now is the beginning of winter holidays and I want to enjoy it! Hopefully I get more inspiration from nail art! I already have a design on my nails which will go up tomorrow! See ya then!