Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stamping Fever!

Elo Elo!
I've been super into konad recently and my current fav is Bundle Monster's 'Create Your Own' Collection 2013 (CYO 2013).

photo credit to

Yeah! So those are the plates included in the collection. Who says that freestyle is the only way to go!
I used to be so against using konad since the first time I used it and it turned out to fugly! >< 

But after getting slightly better I wanna find more ways to create manis with them! 

Here are some of the mani I did with the CYO 2013. 

Really like the binary code mani! I really want proper konad polishes now tho. The normal nail polish doesn't stick as much and sometimes ends up super light.

Definitely going to try out more designs and never forgetting to do some freestyle! Venturing out into another style of nail art soon!

That's it for now!
Cheers! ^^

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