Sunday, September 28, 2014

Laval meets Nail Vinyls

Hi all!

I just downloaded the Blogger app on my phone is hopes that I blog more often. Especially since all the photoa are on my phone.

Today's post is a swatch of a UK brand - Laval. My parents recently returned from holiday and got me a few souvenirs! Among the colours, I found this shade really pretty! (Using the blogger app, all photos will be at the bottom of the post, sorry for the inconvenience)

Laval's Blue Lightning is a really sheer blue shimmer polish and when I say sheer I mean really sheer. Even with 3 - 4 coats, I could still see the base of my nails. Never the less, a beautiful colour it is.

After realising it's name, I took it upon myself to have a little fun with some of Teismom's nail vinyls.

Using the lightning vinyl and topping it off with a coat of Faceshop's black lightning it became!

Oh the dum tsst (do ignore my lame ness)

That's it for this post! Hopefully I get used to this app so I can blog better.


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