Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bubble Trees

Hey all! 

Here's the continuation of yesterday's mani! 

I call them bubble trees!! The best part is that I have a picture tutorial for you guys so you can paint them yourself! This is probably my first time making a tutorial so bear with the bad photos and instructions! Here we go! 

  1. Use Christmas colours (or any colour you like) using the Nimbus Bubbles technique (tutorial on The Nailasauraus)
  2. Overlap lightning nail vinyls (i'm using ones from Teismom) with the lightning facing out until it forms a tree shape
  3. Cut off the excess at the top until it is pointed
  4. Paint over the sides of the vinyls, making sure that you do not get any polish on the middle and the bottom of the nail as there will be exposed areas
  5. Remove the vinyls and apply your favourite top coat (I'm using Glisten & Glow HK Girl)
That's it! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and I will see you soon! 

P/S: Don't forget to tag me @chronosz on instagram if you used the tutorial! 


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