Sunday, May 24, 2015

Femme Fatale Gravity Lapse Swatch

Hello all! 

I'm so excited!!! Can you guess why??

I finally got my very first HOLO polish!!! 

*insert heart eyed emoticon* 

I am totally in love with holo polishes but sadly enough they're no holo polishes sold in Malaysia or none that i have seen anyway. In this case, I need to stocked up on Glisten & Glow HK Girl from MeiMeiSignature so, I decided to get a holo while I was at it! There were quite a few shades that I liked but budget wise, I could only pick one and lookie who made the cut! 

Femme Fatale's Gravity Lapse! 

I've been following their insta for quite some time now cause their polishes are so prettyyyyy but this is the first time I've gotten a bottle for myself. could say this is a double win for me! =D 

Anyways, here are the pics! (So hard to take pic of holo) 

I should take a video in future to show the beauty of the holo! 

Time lapse is a mesmerising purple holo polish but saying that it's just purple is an understatement since the shade changes in different light and angles. You can have pure purple shimmer, gradients of violet in the sun, a sunset shade of orange and red with a tibge of black shimmer...I can hardly explain the beauty of this shade. 

I can only say one thing about this is seriously beautiful! Good work Femme Fatale! 

Look forward to some nail art with this baby! =D 

That's it for this post! Cheers! 

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