Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Happy Belated Birthday!

Hi everyone!

I was planning to post this a little earlier but the photos took some time. 

I would like to wish my grandfather a belated 83rd birthday and may we all celebrate more birthdays to come!

My mani that night was inspired by an NCLA wrap classic. I wanted something simple, quick and elegant. So, I picked my current favourite colour which is Canmake Mint and started at it.

 All photos except the above is taken by le boyfriend a.k.a. Zephyrus Photography

Here's the original NCLA wrap where the inspiration came from. I love NCLA wraps, especially the ones that were made from actual real life views. I have yet to try one but mark my words, I will one day. 

Photo source: NCLA

That's it for this post! Here are some photos from that night to end the post. =)


 It was so hard to get the cake out of the box when all the kiddies think it's their cake. 

Had a very spontaneous nail painting session with le cousins gf! The more practice the better! 

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