Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pokemon Fever

Hey all!

Haven't edited the latest mani but watch out for it on my instagram @chronosz

In the meantime, remember my Easter Togepi nails? 

Well, I didn't stop at just togepi and I've been meaning to do a pokemon mani for quite some time. If some of you don't remember easter togepi, here's a photo for you guys! 

The second pokemon I painted was Pikachu! Chuuuuuuu~~~~

All the designs are done using acrylic paint and I usually paint a layer of white to make the colours of the design pop. The trouble with acrylic paint is that sometimes, it needs a thick layer to get full coverage and poor pikachu succumbed to this disease. It was the only pokemon that was lumpy. *cries in a corner*

On the other hand! I tried painting pokemon so that's an accomplishment. The third pocket monster I painted was Bulbasaur! Bulba!!!! Truthfully, I always pick bulbasaur as my primary pokemon cause nature power man and he's so cute! Bulbasaur came out pretty nicely and is one of my favourites although I did make his bulb a little too big. I really need to work on my dimensions. 

The last pokemon was supposed to be Charmander but it didn't work out and I didn't like what I painted so Charmander is not in the photo. *You have failed to capture charmander*

Back to the drawing board with that one but oh well, at least I tried. Maybe I should just have a collage of failed designs...nahhhhhh

That's it for this post! 

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