Sunday, June 21, 2015

OPI Liquid Sand Stay The Night Swatch

Hi everyone! 

I hope you're all having a great Father's Day! =)

3 coats under dim sunlight

My friend who is studying in Melbourne helped me get this bottle of OPI Liquid Sand Stay The Night from the Mariah Carey collection for AUD7!!! Can you believe the price?!?! I consider myself super lucky! =D 

2 coats under dim sunlight 

Stay The Night is a black based texture polish with red glitter which is absolutely beautiful! It reminds me of brimstone or something out of a fairy tale where the princess is trapped in a tower with a dragon and the prince has to come save her...wait a minute...I just described Sleeping Beauty when in fact I was thinking of Shrek...HAHAHAHA 

I read from another swatch that it resembled embers from a dying flames which it does! This polish is kind of patchy when applying because of the texture. I prefer 2 layers because it's lighter and more magical...I applied another layer the day after and it became more opaque but it was kinda dark? Not really magical? Completely depends on you guys how you want it to look. 

I got le boyfriend to snap a macro with his clip on lens. 

The shots above was taken when I also had 2 layers on. Can you see the grit and the glitter sticking out?? 

I've had my eyes of this polish since the release and I must say no regrets whatsoever! It's beautiful, it's textured and it removes easily! =) 

That's it for this post!

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