Monday, February 18, 2013

A Bitter Sweet Valentine

Hey all!
Here's another belated event post.


Hope all you lovers out there got to have a nice day out or in for this special day.
As for me, I had to fly off on the 12th so celebrating on the 14th was a no-no. =(

My boy works at really odd hours so dinner was really hard to schedule ><
We ended up having dinner at Plan B on the 9th. ^^

Check the food out!!
It was so yummmmmmmeeeeehhhhhhhh!!
Craving satisfied.
 Now I have cravings for it again cause of this post >< 

You guys in Malaysia should def try the food at Plan B! 

Anywayz! To the nails! 
I technically did not paint this for this specific dinner since I didn't really know when we were going to have the dinner so....

I call this Bee Love since it's black and yellow and have dotted black hearts XD
My long nails...I miss you...\T^T/

Colour info! 
China Glaze - Happy-Go-Lucky
Faceshop - Black

I know I know...
I use these colours a lot...
but I like them so why not?! 

That's it for this post guys! 

From the both of us! 

This was taken before I flew off at the airport...
I miss this guy so much ;_;
I love you Bii

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