Thursday, February 21, 2013

Funky lonely leopard

I was supposed to post this yesterday but I had a headache and couldn't do it =S parents left for Malaysia yesterday and me ish all alonezzz in Aussie land...
Class hasn't even started yet so I have even more time than usual thus more blogging XD

So here's the NOTD

The colour in the pic is a bit off because of the lighting but it's actually Sinful Colors - Easy's supposed to be a light violet pink...the leopard came out pretty well though ^^

I painted this after my parents left and I had nothing else to do...
Thinking whether should I paint my nails everyday or not but if I do then my nails suffer and I don't want that...
First world nail dilemmas...sighhhhhh

That's it for this post! 
Check ya guys out later!! 


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