Monday, April 8, 2013

Butter London Jasper Swatch

Elo Elo!
A friend just asked my why I do not update my blog regularly...
My answer: Lazy ahhhhh

Which is so true! 
So this post is for you! 

First I have to tell you guys a story.

Once upon a time on a nice sunny day. I had Sunday brunch with my girl friends at this cozy french cafe called Roule Galette. This cafe sold yummy crepes and I like them. When we reached the cafe, there were no tables open. As we waited outside the cafe for a table, across the road was a cute little boutique called 'Lady Petrova'. This shop sold cute dress, shoes, and accessories. One of my friends was instantly entranced by it and suddenly found herself walking into it with me following her. As I went deeper into the boutique, I found a small stand with nail polish on it and the closer I got to it, the more excited I got! 


I have seen so many Butter London nail polish swatches and I they all looked so pretty. When I finally got one I was really excited. Trying not to get a polish similar to the others I already own. I got a bottle of Butter London Jasper.

Jasper is a light pastel yellow and it is absolutely beautiful.
I had to paint 3 layers to get an even and opaque shade though. 

I actually saw a similar colour from Sinful Colours and I plan to get it for comparison but not this month.

Why not this month?

Stay tuned!


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