Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ciate Limited Edition Tutti Frutti Caviar Swatch

Hello all!! 
Now this is the post on why I do not have enough cash to buy more sinful colours polishes.

I'm sure you all have heard of caviar manicures where the nail is covered with lots and lots of microbeads!

When I first heard of caviar manis I thought it was pretty gross since ultimately caviar tastes ok at time but does not look all that pretty. Couple that with a lot of bad shots of the mani I found on google...I so didn't want to invest in it.

What made me change my mind?
One Word!


I'm not sure where I first saw the polishes but I was mesmerized!
They were so cute especially with the bows on the bottles XD 
I finally found the brand in a department store and just had to buy it!!! 

Isn't it pretty?!
Not sure if the set has a name on its own but the polishes do.
I found the name!! The set is named after the caviar pearls! It's called 
The pink is called Hoopla and the caviar micro beads are called Tutti Frutti. 
Tutti Frutti sounds fitting since it looks so yummy XD 

It was really simple to do but trying to catch all the runaway micro beads was hard XD 

If you want to try it then I suggest you do cause I love it!
Cheers guys!
See you at the next post!

P/S: To those of you in Melbourne, Australia, if you want to get a hold of this polish -  I found it in MYERS from the MECCA COSMETICA booth of the cosmetics floor. It costs $36AUD and MECCA MAXIMA has it too!!  XD 

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