Monday, April 15, 2013

Ciate Limited Edition Lemon Fizz Caviar Manicure Set Swatch

Such a long title that is XD

Alright! After I got the Tutti Frutti set, my friend went out and got it AND the Lemon Fizz set!
Me being the nail polish enthusiast immediately asked her,
"Can I swatch it?"

I quite regret painting it at night and I shall tell you...NO
SHOW you why!



After a night of sleep, the colours melted off the caviar pearls.
I found out after the tutti frutti swatch that the caviar pearls melts when you removed them with nail polish remover but I didn't know that the colours came off so easily until this mani.

I really like the Lemon Fizz set. 
If I were to choose and event to wear it at, it would be at a posh dinner that serves more than 3 courses. 

NOTE: I suggest you paint this in the morning of the event you would like to attend because the colour will fade and will look really dull.


P/S: Sorry about the bad photo was cloudy so the lighting was really bad >< 

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