Thursday, August 8, 2013

Do not underestimate cuticles!

Hello hello! 
Today I have to talk about something serious! 


I'm not sure whether all nail artists trim their cuticles on a regular basis or not trim it at all. For me, I trim it when it goes bonkers and it annoys me. 

For those that have gone for a professional manicure and for those that have not, they usually use cuticle trimmers that look like this. 

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I actually have a pair of these but I find that when I trim my cuticles with it, they turn out a big jagged. Probably need to practice more but NEVERMIND that for now! XD So instead of these, I take the lazy people way! =P

I have no idea if there is another term for this type of cuticle trimmer but it is a cuticle trimmer. There's a small SHARP blade at the end.

All in all when using a cuticle trimmer, one should ALWAYS soften them first. 
I'm lazy so I don't usually do that but when you don't, accidents can happen...

YES! I accidentally cut them too deep and only noticed that my nail was bleeding when I was walking to meet my friend. 
Truth be told, I haven't seen my cuticles bleed in years! I think I was in a hurry when I trimmed them this time...thus BLOOD! 

So, YES!
Please please please pleaseeeeeeeee
soften your cuticles before trimming them!
Either soak them in water or use a cuticle softener.

There's some advice for all of yous! 

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