Saturday, August 31, 2013

Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Hey there! 
So today, the 31st of August is Malaysia's Independence Day!! 
Wooo Hooo!!
*cracked open a bottle of wine*

Anywayz! So this is my mani for this years MERDEKA!

Inspired by the Malaysian flag but was too lazy to draw the star properly...
There's also the problem that I can't draw the star for nuts! ><

I actually painted one last year but it seems that it's not on the blog?
If it is, I can't find it...
Here it is anyway! 

The star is the correct shape but still wrong FYI...
The only reason this years design looks nicer is because I took the time to use striping tape! 

This is how my nails looked with the tape on.

A lot of tape...I know...

Anywayz! That's it for this post!
Happy Birthday Malaysia! 


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sinful Colors Pistache Swatch

Hey strangers! 
Here's another swatch for you.
I bought this the same time as the Sally Hansen Wool Knot polish. 
I love Sinful Colors!
Kinda because it's cheap and the colours are nice ^^

The name of the polish 'Pistache' is quite fitting. 
It's the perfect shade of a pistachio! =P
I really love this colour.
Like all other Sinful Colors polishes, it takes a couple of layers for a nice opaque coat.

I sadly must inform you that this polish 

Was super shocked when I removed this,
I had to look at it from different angles to see whether I was imagining it or not...TT
This is what it looked like after I removed it.

Not really clear in the photo but I assure you it is quite bad...
So paint this polish at your own risk! 

That's it for this post!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Polish : Wool Knot

Elo nail art lovers! <3
Long time no see.

It is great to say that I have bought my first ever texture polish. 
I saw this baby at Priceline. 

Two coats with no topcoat

Wool Knot with Essie Green Apple Mint as a base
No topcoat

With topcoat

Now, I was really excited when I got this polish. I've heard so much about textured polishes (not this specific brand or polish). Sad to say that I was quite disappointed with the fuzzy coat. Why? Because unlike it's name, it's no fuzzy. The first question that pops into my head when someone says 'textured polish' is "What does is feel like?". No texture, no deserve the name of textured polish. 

Anyway, Sally Hansens Fuzzy Coat Collection reminds me glitter polishes. Hard to apply, hard to remove and layering it is best. Wook knot is a clear polish with blue and white fibers in it. It is hard to apply because the polish is a bit gooey. Multiple layers are needed to get the 'fuzzy' look. 

That's it for this polish. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Do not underestimate cuticles!

Hello hello! 
Today I have to talk about something serious! 


I'm not sure whether all nail artists trim their cuticles on a regular basis or not trim it at all. For me, I trim it when it goes bonkers and it annoys me. 

For those that have gone for a professional manicure and for those that have not, they usually use cuticle trimmers that look like this. 

Photo credits to

I actually have a pair of these but I find that when I trim my cuticles with it, they turn out a big jagged. Probably need to practice more but NEVERMIND that for now! XD So instead of these, I take the lazy people way! =P

I have no idea if there is another term for this type of cuticle trimmer but it is a cuticle trimmer. There's a small SHARP blade at the end.

All in all when using a cuticle trimmer, one should ALWAYS soften them first. 
I'm lazy so I don't usually do that but when you don't, accidents can happen...

YES! I accidentally cut them too deep and only noticed that my nail was bleeding when I was walking to meet my friend. 
Truth be told, I haven't seen my cuticles bleed in years! I think I was in a hurry when I trimmed them this time...thus BLOOD! 

So, YES!
Please please please pleaseeeeeeeee
soften your cuticles before trimming them!
Either soak them in water or use a cuticle softener.

There's some advice for all of yous!