Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Love Birds

Hey peeps!

So I just posted a NOTD on instagram and thought "I better write this blog post before I get lazy!"

Yup! That's me...anyway...I haven't painted birds before me thinks...I wanted to do an owl mani that day but all the googled owls didn't appeal to me...Darn me for not screen shoting the nice owl mani!

Back to the point, I saw this wedding invitation on FB that my friend posted (was not his wedding) and thought "Well, that's cute! I should paint that!" So, I did with a little change in scenery of course hahaha

Here's the original.

And here's the mani!

Colours used:
Base coat - Essence Ultra Strong Nail Hardener
Base - Miss Ashleigh Experi-mint & Baby's Got The Blues Ombre (I did this ombre using a brush technique I saw @yagala do on insta...check her out! I think this technique blends better than sponge!)
Others - Acrylic Paint
Top Coat - Glisten & Glow HK Girl

That's it for this post! 

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