Sunday, June 21, 2015

OPI Liquid Sand Stay The Night Swatch

Hi everyone! 

I hope you're all having a great Father's Day! =)

3 coats under dim sunlight

My friend who is studying in Melbourne helped me get this bottle of OPI Liquid Sand Stay The Night from the Mariah Carey collection for AUD7!!! Can you believe the price?!?! I consider myself super lucky! =D 

2 coats under dim sunlight 

Stay The Night is a black based texture polish with red glitter which is absolutely beautiful! It reminds me of brimstone or something out of a fairy tale where the princess is trapped in a tower with a dragon and the prince has to come save her...wait a minute...I just described Sleeping Beauty when in fact I was thinking of Shrek...HAHAHAHA 

I read from another swatch that it resembled embers from a dying flames which it does! This polish is kind of patchy when applying because of the texture. I prefer 2 layers because it's lighter and more magical...I applied another layer the day after and it became more opaque but it was kinda dark? Not really magical? Completely depends on you guys how you want it to look. 

I got le boyfriend to snap a macro with his clip on lens. 

The shots above was taken when I also had 2 layers on. Can you see the grit and the glitter sticking out?? 

I've had my eyes of this polish since the release and I must say no regrets whatsoever! It's beautiful, it's textured and it removes easily! =) 

That's it for this post!

Monday, June 8, 2015

ぐでたま- Gudetama~

Hey all! こにちわ!

Now then! I'm quite excited to show you my latest mani which is Gudetama inspired! Just in case you don't know who or what is Gudetama - here's a short intro. 

(Photo source :

Gudetama is one os Sanrio's latest character featuring a lazy egg. This is one of Sanrio's more comical than cute characters but is still super kawaii! 可愛いいい~ With his lazy face always on, Gudetama will teach you all the ways an egg can be lazy! 

Anywayz, I totally love Gudetama cause he's cute so cute! I'm very happy with how the design turned out and I must say this is one of my best detailed nail art to date! I love painting 2D characters! =D

Without further a do, I present my nails! 

Here's a close up of the individual nails. 

And here's a short picture tutorial for the gudetama hanging from the chopsticks. 

Colours used:

Base coat - Essence Ultra Strong Nail Hardener 
Base colour - OPI Alpine Snow & Pa 
Design - Acrylic Paint 
Top Coat - Glisten & Glow HK Girl 
Gel Gudetama - Ace Gel 

I am attempting another 2D character next so look forward to that but I think I'll try and keep Gudetama on for as long as possible! 

That's all for this post! 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pokemon Fever

Hey all!

Haven't edited the latest mani but watch out for it on my instagram @chronosz

In the meantime, remember my Easter Togepi nails? 

Well, I didn't stop at just togepi and I've been meaning to do a pokemon mani for quite some time. If some of you don't remember easter togepi, here's a photo for you guys! 

The second pokemon I painted was Pikachu! Chuuuuuuu~~~~

All the designs are done using acrylic paint and I usually paint a layer of white to make the colours of the design pop. The trouble with acrylic paint is that sometimes, it needs a thick layer to get full coverage and poor pikachu succumbed to this disease. It was the only pokemon that was lumpy. *cries in a corner*

On the other hand! I tried painting pokemon so that's an accomplishment. The third pocket monster I painted was Bulbasaur! Bulba!!!! Truthfully, I always pick bulbasaur as my primary pokemon cause nature power man and he's so cute! Bulbasaur came out pretty nicely and is one of my favourites although I did make his bulb a little too big. I really need to work on my dimensions. 

The last pokemon was supposed to be Charmander but it didn't work out and I didn't like what I painted so Charmander is not in the photo. *You have failed to capture charmander*

Back to the drawing board with that one but oh well, at least I tried. Maybe I should just have a collage of failed designs...nahhhhhh

That's it for this post! 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Happy Belated Birthday!

Hi everyone!

I was planning to post this a little earlier but the photos took some time. 

I would like to wish my grandfather a belated 83rd birthday and may we all celebrate more birthdays to come!

My mani that night was inspired by an NCLA wrap classic. I wanted something simple, quick and elegant. So, I picked my current favourite colour which is Canmake Mint and started at it.

 All photos except the above is taken by le boyfriend a.k.a. Zephyrus Photography

Here's the original NCLA wrap where the inspiration came from. I love NCLA wraps, especially the ones that were made from actual real life views. I have yet to try one but mark my words, I will one day. 

Photo source: NCLA

That's it for this post! Here are some photos from that night to end the post. =)


 It was so hard to get the cake out of the box when all the kiddies think it's their cake. 

Had a very spontaneous nail painting session with le cousins gf! The more practice the better!