Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bunny mouse?

Hello all! 

So how've you all been? 
Enjoying the holidays?
Am I being overly nice?
Yes, yes I am! 

Ok enough with the weird stuff.
So my brother and sis-in-law have been going to a bunch of dinners lately so my sis-in-law asked me, 

"Eh! When can you paint my nails ah? Remember the bunny nails I shared to you on Facebook? Can draw that ah?"

...ok so that isn't EXACTLY what she said but something along those lines =P

Yeah! So I drew some samples for her before attempting the actual thing since I couldn't find the photo she shared.

Had to pick the background colour too...couldn't really see the background colour in the end though ><'s the final product XD

Without filter

With filter

All photos were taken using instagram!
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Her nails were more square-ish so the ears ended up a little too short thus making them look like little fat white mice XD 

All in all, still cute =D

Don't you love that feeling when you paint someone else's nails and the design comes out nicely ^^


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Instagram inspired

You should all know by now that I instagram a lot =P
----> @chronosz <----

There are so many awesome nail artists on insta and is a great way of getting inspiration for new mani ideas. So here's a mani I did referring to a tutorial on insta by this girl @simplenailartdesigns.

I am currently obsessed with effects so please excuse the effects and just stare at the mani XD
Here's another cliche from the Blast from the Past post!
I know I have no sense of colour coordination but I think maroon goes great with gold! Don't you?

This is a pretty simple mani to do but you have to be careful since the lines gotta be straight to be nice. I suggest a good stripping brush for this mani!


Paint splatter meets matte

Elo elo everyone
I thought I would mix it up a bit and use a different font this time XD

Alritey then!

I've always wanted to try out paintball!



You know the game where you get guys that shoot vegetable oil pellets at your friends using heavy ass guns while wearing super uncomfortable head gear?! 


So to commemorate my first paintball experience I thought splatter nails would be appropriate XD
I've done paint splatter nails before this.
Check it out HERE!

There are many different types of nail splatter styles and I thought I would try the literally SPLATTER technique where you take a brush and just splat the polish all over your nails. It didn't work for me though so I went for a different style XD

 Colour cliche I know but I find these colours are an awesome combo for splatter manis XD This pic is obviously from instagram =P 

For this splatter mani, I used a stripping brush and dipped the brush in polish and randomly drew on the OPI Alpine Snow coat I painted making sure that the whole length of the brush is on the nail. 

To make it more interesting, I topped it off with a matte top coat! Loving the matte effect on this mani XD

You guys should try this mani out! 
It's super fun and super easy to do XD


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Better late then never 21st

Hey guys! 
If you follow my instagram @chronosz, then you'll know that I just had my 21st birthday on the 11th of November XD I didn't really know what to paint for my special day but I think anything would be good since no mani can express the happiness I felt that day =)

Happy 21st Birthday to me! 

I've know for months now that I have so many pending manis to share with all you nail lovers and I always thought a post a day would do the trick but I don't think that'll work anymore so I'm just going to post as many as I want whenever I want! 


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back & Bark

Hello fellow human beings who love nail art XD
I've been back in Malaysia almost a week now and FINALLY got my hands on some mavala nail polish remover XD

If you follow my instagram @chronosz then you would know that I bought everything bottle in the store and reserved some from the next shipment XD
Stocking up for the future is so crucial I tell you! CRUCIAL!! 

Anyways, I broke a couple of my nails at the airport and was just heart broken </3
Oh well, that's what I get when I don't paint my nails or at least use nail envy for more than 2 weeks ><

Getting on with the mani!
Shorts nails always turn me off since I can't draw much on them 
not that I draw much in the first place 
so I usually stick to single colours and in this case RED 
my friend did give me and idea to make it less plain tho
Check it out! ^^

This is obviously from my instagram and with filter XD

And this is without the filter =)

I quite like the effect of it. This kinda makes it look like tree bark to me XD
Hence the title =P

Can't wait for my nails to grow back XD